Lagom [ˈlɑ̀ːɡɔm] a Swedish word, frequently used to describe the Swedish pysche. Whilst having no direct translation, its often explained as meaning; 'enough is as good as a feast' or, 'just the right amount’.

Culinary brain child of Chef Elliot Cunningham, Lagom is all about balance.

Lagom is live-fire cooking. Influenced by Elliot’s British/Scandinavian background, and drawing from both cuisines, it’s origins are as old as mankind. Using this ethos of 'Lagom’, the concept aims to showcase balanced, seasonal, ingredient-lead dishes, always prepared over wood, charcoal or smoke.

Lagom promises to demonstrate that there’s more to live-fire cooking than BBQ, and more to BBQ than ribs, burgers and pulled pork. Striking a balance between fun, exciting and wholesome. Lagom will lift your spirits with food that’s clever and eloquent yet refreshingly simple and accessible to all.

Expect spectacular meat, the freshest seafood, and beautiful vegetables. All uniting through the ashes and embers of some of the best sustainable wood and charcoal available; a much underestimated ingredient when it comes to cooking.

All meat supplied by Turner & George